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The Åland Islands Peace Institute

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AX-22100 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
Tel. +358 18 15570
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LindqvistThe Åland Islands Peace Institute has the pelasuere of hosting Swedish authors Herman and Birgitta Lindqvist dureing their four days stay on Åland in May 2009. Herman Lindqvist is the opening speaker at the opening of the Exhibition Outpost, land in between, bridge at the Åland museum/Åland Art Museum 28th May 2009.
Wednesday 27th the guests visited the Peace Institute for informal discussions with the staff and for a meeting with local media.

Herman Lindqvist sees it as his mission to fight the general ignorance, especially in Sweden but also in Finland, on the effects of the war of 1908-1909, when Sweden lost Finland including Åland to Russia. He takes a particular interest in minorities since he himself grew up as a minority within a minority.


During his growth Herman Lindqvist was a Swedish speaking person from Sweden among Finnish Swedish speakers in Finland, since his father was working at the embassy of Helsinki at the time. Also Herman Lindqvist has worked as a foreign correspondant, monitoring more then 20 armed conflicts around the world. Hence, when asked he did not hesitate to agree to be the opening speaker of the exhibition Outpost, land in between, bridge.
Herman Lindqvist has been writing books for 40 years and is this year finalising his 50th book. Most of his books deals with history and historical events, and his interest in history combined with his experiences as a foreign correspondant in several wars make him see himself as a correspondent of the past, that can vivify historical events too his readers.
Birgitta Lindqvist is an author too, working with both poetry and prose. Her latest book is a novel where the plot is taking place during the cultural revolution of China. Birgitta Lindqvist has personal experiences of the time and the place, since she herself lived in China during the cultural revolution.