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2. Visits

Moldova Gagauzia webb

On May 25-26 Åland was visited by the working group of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and Gagauzia people’s assembly. The Gagauz-Yeri autonomous region, was established in southern Moldova in the 1990’s to safeguard the rights of the Gagauz minority. The study visit to Åland was arranged by CMI, with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden. CMI works to facilitate informal and official dialogue processes between the Parliament of Moldova and Gagauzia’s People’s Assembly to improve mechanisms of center-autonomy relations.

While on Åland, the group had several meetings with officials and politicians. The Åland Islands Peace Institute arranged a round table discussion for the visitors, moderated by the Director, Professor Kjell-Åke Nordquist and including the Chair of the Board, Ms Barbro Sundback, the Head of Research, Associate Professor Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, researcher Saila Heinikoski and Information Officer Susann Simolin.

In the report ”Conflict Regulation through Self-Rule: Success factors for Territorial Autonomy Systems” published in the Åland Islands Peace Institute's report series in 2015, Felix Schulte has used the Gagauz autonomy as one of the case studies. The report can be found here.

Israeli ambassador 2014The Ambassador of Israel to Finland, Mr Dan Ashbel, has visited the Åland Islands Peace Institute and met with represenatives from the Board of Directors and the staff. At the meeting, ÅIPI research on and practical experiences from using the Åland Example as a source of inspiration in international quests for peaceful developments were discussed. The Ambassador showed great interest and thourough knowledge on related topics, and discussions were rich and enlightning. The ÅIPI Director Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark concluded by saying that the Åland Example can be viewed as an example of hope and commitment, something that is indeed much needed also with regard to the situation in Israel & Palestine.

The Åland Peace Institute wants to share its research results, expertise and experiences from practical peace work in order to increased the knowledge about Åland and the Åland example and to promote better opportunities for peaceful conflict resolution. In the ublication from 2011; "The Åland Example and its components - Relevance for International Conflict Resolution", a chapter treated the issue of Palestine-Israel ( "Autonomy on the pendulum between a one-state and a two-state solution for the Palestine-Israel conflict). Read more about the Åland Example here.

Johanna”Mädchen*treff” is an autonomous youth center for girls between 13-20 in Cologne/Germany. The Peace Institute’s Fair Sex and Open Doors staff had the chance to meet youth worker Johanna Schmitz who presented the center’s causes and activities at the Peace Institute on 31 October 2013.

Mädchen*treff is an independent part of the cultural center “Alte Feuerwache” , which was established with its basis in the second feminist wave in Germany in the 1980s to create a space for girls at a time when youth work in general was dominated to a large extent by boys and men. One of the center’s goals is to empower girls as individual and give them confidence in their personal capacities and skills, to create a space for reflection, dialogue and communication and to foster intercultural dialogue. The center’s work is based on solidarity, participation, a norm- and category-critical approach as well as anti-sexism and anti-racism. 

Japanese_journalist_1On 26 November 2013 the Åland Islands Peace Institute was payed a visit by Mr Kazutaka Ito, journalist working for the Japanese newspaper The Ashai Shimbun. He conducted an interview with researcher Sarah Stephan and Information Officer Susann Simolin about the international relevance of the Åland Example. Mr Kazutaka Ito was in particular interested in Mr Inazo Nitobe from Japan, who was the deputy Secretary General of the League of Nations from 1919-1926, and his role in the Åland settlement.

PeterNobelOn 4 October 2013 the Peace Institute had the honor of a visit by Peter Nobel, former Discrimination Ombudsman in Sweden who has worked for a long time with several human rights issues in Sweden and internationally. Mr Nobel was accompanied by his wife Weini, who is working for the Equality Ombudsman in Sweden as well as Michael Ståhl and Dorrit Alopeaus Ståhl who have both, amongst others, worked extensively with aid in Africa. The meeting discussed the Peace Institute's work with minority issues and self-government solutions. Peter Nobel also talked about efforts to promote Saami rights and participation  in the Swedish and Nordic context. A seminar on the Nordic Saami convention was held at the Swedish parliament in June 2013.

Read more about the seminar here. 

While a follow up was organised more recently in the city of Östersund in September 2013, read more here.