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On the 17-18th November a closing conference of the project “KID – Equal Opportunity for pre-school boys and girls” was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The project has been conducted by the Åland Island Peace Institute and sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Emmaus Åland. The project lasted during 2015-2016. Three non-governmental kindergartens participated, Waldorf Åland, Nendre in Vilnius, Lithuania and the”Star of Hope” in Kaliningrad, Russia.

The purpose of this project has been to promote a gender-sensitive attitude among the staff of kindergartens and among the children’s parents, as well as to reduce gender stereotyping in the communication and interaction with children. The project also strived to create equal opportunities for girls and boys to develop their skills and interests without being constrained by gender-stereotypical expectations.

During the conference, the partners presented their own work in their respective local kindergartens and shared experiences and lessons learned. 61 visitors participated in the conference and represented, among others, The Ministry of Social Security and Labour, Women's Issues Information Center, students from Lithuanian University of
Educational Sciences and the Lithuanian Parliament. On the conference was also representation from an umbrella organisation for children’s rights in Lithuania, NGO Confederation for Children, and staff from eight local kindergartens.

Read the full report of the project at the Waldorf kindergarten Regnbågen in Åland.

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