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Heidi Öst
Wisthaler foto kopia
Verena Wisthaler

The report number 2/2014 in the report series Report from the Åland Islands Peace Institute investigates into frameworks of inclusion and exclusion of immigrants in two autonomous territories traditionally inhabited by national minorities, namely South Tyrol (I) and the Åland Islands (FIN).

This report is entitled Minorities and Immigration - frameworks of exclusion and inclusion in Åland and South Tyrol Compared and is written by one researcher from the Åland Islands and one from South Tyrol. Heidi Öst is a doctoral candidate of public law at Åbo Akademi University. She has previously worked as a researcher at the Åland Islands Peace Institute. Verena Wisthaler is a researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights at the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC) and a PhD student of political science at the University of Leicester.

The study examines two important legal areas, namely social services and right to vote, as well as rhetorical positions adopted by the provincial governing parties. Research that reveals prevalent social attitudes of members of the national minority as well as of the immigrant population towards each other is also reviewed and discussed.

The paper reveals the complexities connected with the integration of immigrants in southern and northern Europe respectively. Negotiating community membership in autonomous regions, as will be revealed, is fraught with internal contradictions that are not easily overcome.

The report can be downloaded in pdf here.