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How has the creation of the Åland solution been interpreted in history, how do we understand it today through the glasses of the 21st century and which historic facts have been emphasized while others have remained in the shadows? These were some of the main questions at the round table discussion with the title “The Åland solution’s creation – contemporary interpretations”,  which was arranged by the Åland Islands Peace Institute. The discussion took place in Mariehamn’s city library on 21 March 2012 and was opened by Mats Adamczak followed by the commentaries of Jerker Örjans, folke Wickström and Nina Fellman. The Peace Institute’s director Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark functioned as moderator.

The point of departure for the discussion was that the Åland solution remains important and timely for Åland and globally. Today, it can be considered a contribution to the growth of democracy on Åland, in Finland and the Nordic countries. Important political and legal institutions, such as the autonomy of the Åland Islands, need continuous screening, through new glasses and from different perspectives. New material surfaces from archives and old sources are viewed at again. New insights and interpretations influence both, Åland’s and the Ålanders’ own self-image but also the understanding of the Åland solution around the world and in different conflict regions.