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2. Fair Sex

For the last four years, the Åland Islands Peace Institute has implemented the project ”Fair Sex”, providing workshops for youth as well as trainings for teachers on Åland. The purpose of the project has been twofold: to decrease the prevalence of sexual violence and encourage positive sexual experiences among youth as well as to increase general knowledge of sexual violence. The method has also been introduced in mainland Finland.

In order to document experiences gained and to facilitate future discussions of the concept of Fair Sex, activity reports, articles and practical information from the project have been gathered on a new web page. The web page www.fairsex.ax/en also contains practical information for youth, for example a definition of Fair Sex and a discussion on the difference between listening for a ”yes” and listening for a ”no”. Furthermore, practitioners who want to work with gender equality and a norm-critical approach in schools may find helpful articles and methodological hints. A number of Fair Sex-like exercises, that support discussions with youth on themes such as mutuality and communication, have been developed. The main part of the webpage content is in Swedish, but some parts are available also in English and Finnish.

Even if you would not be interested in any of the content mentioned above, a visit to the web page can be recommended for the sole purpose of enjoying the illustrations made by Hanna Stenman for Fair Sex.

Fairsexbanner 2 bilder

det har kanns inte helt braFor four years, workshops on ”Fair Sex” has been offered to students in upper secondary schools on Åland. Many have suggested that the theme of the workshops, sexual grey zones, is something that should be discussed also with younger adolescents. The topics of the Fair Sex workshops are, amongst others, boundaries and communication, listening for a yes and the importance of reflecting on one’s own wishes. Thus, the focus lies on social interaction rather than on the physical aspects of sex.  This is something that is relevant also for younger adolescents. During spring, the concept has been further developed and the materials have been adapted to a younger audience.
A number of experts are involved in the project and the goal is to offer quality assured workshops in Fair Sex to students in grade nine in secondary schools with beginning in autumn 2015.
In addidion to the activities on Åland the Fair Sex method is increasingly established on the mainland Finland through collaboration with the organization ”De ungas akademi”. Thanks to financial support from the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Swedish-speaking young people on the mainland will have the opportunity to take part of the Fair Sex concept during 2015.


Ulle_fairsex“When is it too late to say no?” ” Is it ok to nag oneself to sex?” Is it true that boys always want sex?” As part of the ÅIPI violence prevention work, these and other questions about sex and relationships are being discussed with all students in grades two in upper secondary school on Åland. The project, called Fair Sex, started in 2011. In 2012 workshopsfor students are complemented with educational sessions for teachers on issues such as gender inequality, violation of boundaries and sexual harassment and how to spot it and stop it.

Fair Sex in St.Petersburg 2014 800x600In early March Cecilia Brenner and Liselott Lindén presented the Fair Sex Project at a seminar in St. Petersburg.
The seminar was one of a series against trafficking arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Saint Petersburg in cooperation with St. Petersburg’s urban social committee, Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Special Pedagogic and Psychology, Primorsky Centre for Children and Families and the NGO ”Enlightenment” in St. Petersburg. The organizations are aiming at designing a sexuality education concept and the Fair Sex method had attracted interest. Katriina Bildjuschkin at the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland, contributed with a talk about sex education in Finland. 
Carita Peltonen, expert within the work against trafficking, presented a background to the work against trafficking in in the European, Nordic and Russian context and its challenges.