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To ensure sustainable development, autonomous regions must “think for themselves” and provide inspiring, inclusive and dynamic environments for developing new ideas, as well as attract young people to stay or to return to the region. Strategies, cooperation, digitalization and investments on infrastructure are perquisites for knowledge development and research. What are the key development areas of Åland, and what is happening in other regions?

On 22 October 10:00 EEST, the KUT-network (Network for sustainable knowledge development on Åland) organizes a conference on the subject Knowledge and Research as Motors for Regional Development and Innovation”. Is there a need to strengthen the structures for knowledge development and research on Åland, and what experiences do other regions have? 

Questions for the spekaers can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during the conference.

The conference will be sent live on the youtube channel of the Åland Islands Peace Institute.

Full program here.

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  • Online conference 22.10: Knowledge and Research as Motors for Regional Development and Innovation
  • Call for Interns at the ÅIPI in the spring of 2021
  • EU seminar series: 25 years in EU – experiences of Åland
  • And more ...


  • Konferens 22.10: Vad har Åland för behov av kunskap och hur gör andra regioner?
  • Praktik vid Ålands fredsinstitut våren 2021
  • Seminarieserie: 25 år i EU – åländska erfarenheter
  • Med mera ...


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praktik bibliotekThe Åland Islands Peace Institute offers a possibility to experience a dynamic and flexible internship during the spring semester of 2021.
We are looking for applicants interested in issues of peace, security, minorities and autonomy. Work assignments include participating in the arrangement of annual Kastelholm talks on peace and activities regarding the Åland Islands 100 years celebration. Assignments can also include assisting with research related tasks as well as tasks under the Åland Mediation Office if needed. We appreciate skills and experience in arranging events and in text production both in Swedish and English.

In a seminar series given during autumn 2020 and spring 2021 the Åland Islands Peace Institute and Statistics Åland will present results from an evaluation of what the EU-membership has meant for Åland during 25 years. The evaluation has been commissioned by the Åland Government.
The first seminar in the series was held as a webinar and took place on 13th October 2020. 50 participants listened to presentations by Susann Simolin (ÅIPI) and Gustav Blomberg (Munincipal Director) about how the EU has impacted the decision-making abilities and democratic participation of the autonomous Åland Islands. The webinar continued with a panel discussion with Roger Nordlund, amongst others Head of Government of Åland 1999-2007, and Julia Lindholm, the Government of Åland Representative in Brussels 2014-2020, with Katarina Fellman (ÅSUB) as moderator.
Coming seminars will regard among others population changes during the EU membership, EU's impact on legislative work in Åland and changes in the economy. All seminars will be held in Swedish.EU semi 20201013 095634180 iOS 1

vilma presentationMy name is Vilma Kallio and I am a communications intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute from October to December 2020. I study International Relations at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi. In my studies I have focused on topics concerning the Arctic, Indigenous peoples and the EU as well as questions of security and peace. I am currently writing my Master’s thesis about the politics of reconciliation in Canada. During my internship I will assist with communication tasks such as updating the ÅIPI’s homepage, newsletters and social media as well as marketing the upcoming seminars and publications focusing on EU. I will also help with conferences and presentations as well as more research related tasks if needed. This internship gives me an opportunity to closely follow the Peace Instititute’s work related to peace and mediation and to better understand the different aspects concerning minorities and autonomy. In addition to gaining valuable working experience in communications and in Swedish-speaking environment, I hope to gain new insights for the Arctic context as well.