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Since the very beginning (in 1992) the Åland Islands Peace Institute has
worked with questions of security, minorities and autonomy. The purpose is
to prevent and manage conflicts, always with a gender awareness. Throughout
the years we have gathered knowledge and strengthened expertise within these
areas, and a new phase was initiated in 2007 with the development of the
Peace Institute's research and investigation capacity. The Peace Institute
arranges seminars, conferences and courses within these areas and regularly
publishes reports and books. We believe that some of the knowledge and
the insights that we acquire should be disseminated to a wider public in a
shorter and quicker form. This is why we are creating the blog. It is
knowledge-oriented and analyzes or comments briefly - but quickly -
news, events and phenomena with the purpose of providing deeper
understanding. The staff and the board of the Peace Institute will
contribute to the blog.

Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark
Director of the Peace Institute, Associate Professor in International Law


Heidi Öst shares her time between the Mediation Office and her position as a researcher at the Åland Islands Peace Institute. 

The blog is written by the peace institute's present or former staff, guest researchers, board members or invited guest writers. The opinions are the author's own.

As discussed previously in this blog (in Swedish under the heading "Krig eller fred?"), the concept of crisis management is a relatively new concept that has set roots in international and national political rhetoric. Just the other week the Swedish and Finnish Foreign Ministries hosted a seminar to discuss a comprehensive approach to crisis management as part of the process of the drafting of a new Strategic Concept for the military alliance NATO. The topic of the seminar is a good example of the mixing up of civilian and military concepts. It has been argued that the comprehensive approach is commonly understood as an approach aimed at integrating the political, security, development, rule of law, human rights and humanitarian dimensions of international missions. In the seminar however it became strikingly clear that different actors attach different preconditions to such integration. It is also clear that NATO's ambition to manage crisis is not uncontroversial. On the contrary it has been met with suspicion for pragmatic reasons by other international actors such as Russia and humanitarian organisations and also for issues of principle by some experts and humanitarian organizations alike. This is certainly a cause for worry as, to re-use the words of President Ahtisaari during the seminar, "the image of danger is a self-fulfilling prophecy". NATO's new Strategic Concept needs to clarify NATO's role in such a way as to make sure it is not perceived itself as a threat by other actors.

A full report from the NATO seminar in Helsinki may be read here.

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Bloggen skrivs av Fredsinstitutets nuvarande eller tidigare personal, gästforskare och styrelseledamöter eller av inbjudna gästskribenter. Åsikterna är författarens egna.

The blog pieces are written by the peace institute's present or former staff, guest researchers, board members or invited guest writers. The opinions are the author's own.