Ålands fredsinstitut
The Åland Islands Peace Institute

Hamngatan 4/PB85
AX-22101 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
Tel. +358 18 15570, Fax +358 18 21026
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Current staffing

Sia_nu   Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Director
Phone +358 18 21960

Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark is the director of the Åland Islands Peace Institute and responsible for the research activities. She received her doctoral degree in international law at the Faculty of Law, University of Uppsala (Sweden) in 1997 and became associate professor at the same university in 2001. She was acting professor at Åbo Akademi University in the autumn of 1997. Spiliopoulou Åkermark has published two books, four edited volumes, and more than 50 articles and reports in the fields of international law, human rights, indigenous peoples and minority rights. She speaks Swedish, Greek, English and French.

Sussi   Susann Simolin, Information Officer
Phone +358 18 15570

Susann Simolin is responsible for activities related to information and publications. In addition she works with planning of the institute´s activities and functions as the secretary of the board of directors.  She also presents the activities of the Ålands Islands Peace Institute and the Åland Islands as an example of peaceful conflict resolution to visitors.
Susann has previously worked as a journalist at the Swedish morning paper Göteborgs-Posten. She has a bachelors degree in journalism and a masters degree in Political science.
Susann speaks Swedish, English, French and some Finnish.


Henrietta webb  

Henrietta Hellström, Head of Finance 
Phone. +358 18 23238

Henrietta Hellström is head of the economy and financing of the institute, working in close co-operation with the Director and the Project Managers. Henrietta is also co-ordinating requests for internships.
Henreitta holds a Bachelors-degree in business from the Åland University of Applied Science. She has previous experience of working with financial management, both as an accountant, economy assistant and as head of economy. Henrietta speaks Swedish, English and some Finnish.




Justina Donielaite, Project Manager
Phone +358 18 23977

Justina Donielaite has been working as a project manager at the Åland Islands Peace Institute since 2005 with responsibility for the neighboring area cooperation with NGOs in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. Justina functions as a gender equality coordinator and a project developer in the field of gender equality promotion and violence prevention initiatives that are run by the Peace Institute both locally and internationally. She is also active as a voluntary mediator at the Åland Islands Mediation Office. Justina has a Master's degree in Scandinavian philology from Vilnius University and a professional degree in International Business Administration from the International Business School at Vilnius University. Language skills: Lithuanian (native), English, Swedish and Russian.



Sarah Stephan, Researcher and Project Manager 
Phone +358 18 23238

Sarah is the Project Manager for the project Open Doors that is focusing on gender equality, empowerment and participation in Azerbaijan.  she is also working with trainings and seminars.
However, her main task is research. Sarah's research interests include European and Public International Law, in particular post-conflict governance and multilevel governance in the European Union and beyond.
Sarah holds an LL.M.  in Public International Law from Helsinki University and a Bachelor’s degree in European and Comparative Law from the Hanse Law School of the Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg. She has complemented her law studies with courses in political science, in particular in global governance and peace and conflict studies.
Sarah speaks German (native), English (fluent), Swedish (good) and French (good).

cecilia 1  

Cecilia Brenner, Project Manager
Tel. +358 18 21910
cecilia [at]peace.ax

Cecilia Brenner is the Project Manager for the project Fair Sex that includes workshops for students and work with gender equality plans in Upper Secondary Schools. Cecilia holds a Master in political science and sociology and has experience in working with equality at Uppsala University and Uppsala Student union. Cecilia is also the chair person for the Swedish organization Students for Sexual Health (Studenter för Sexuell Hälsa, SfSH).
Cecilia speaks Swedish, English and Spanish.


Liselott Lindén, Project Assistant
Tel. +358 18 21910

Liselott Lindén is a Project Assistant within the Fair Sex project, working with workshops in Ålandic upper secondary schools.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Stockholm University and is especially interested in sociolinguistics. Liselott speaks Swedish, English and French.

malin 72  

Malin Söderberg, Method Developer

Malin Söderberg is working with the Girl and Boy Group  Method and activities on Åland, in co-operation with the NGO Folkhälsan. Malin holds a bachelors degree in social work from the University of Örebro, and has also taken courses in psychology  at Uppsala University and Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University. Malin has experience from working as a social worker, with child protection.
Malin speaks Swedish and English.

Charlotte webb  

Charlotte Winberg, Project Manager

Tel. +358 (0)18 15570

Charlotte Winberg is responsible for the arrangements for the Kastelholm talks 2015. Charlotte is working part-time with the arrangements, while she is finishing her Master’s studies in international law at Åbo Akademi University.

Charlotte has previously worked at the Åland Islands Peace Institute as a summer intern in 2011. She has also worked with children’s rights for PLAN Finland, with Finland’s humanitarian development policies at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and as a volunteer in Vietnam. Charlotte holds a bachelor’s degree in international law from Åbo Akademi University and within the framework of her master’s studies at the same university she has taken most of the courses at universities in the Netherlands and South Africa.

Charlotte is fluent in Swedish (native), Finnish and English. She also speaks some rusty German and knows the basics in Spanish and French.


Heidi Öst, Researcher
Phone. +358 18 21960

Heidi Öst is a doctoral candidate in public law at Åbo Akademi University, who conducts her research partly from the Åland Islands and the Peace Institute. Heidi is responsible for the activities of the institute within the framework of Social and Economic Council of the UN. The preliminary title of her dissertation is Citizenship and voting rights in autonomous areas. Heidi has a Master's degree in international human rights law from Åbo Akademi University and a Bachelor's degree in global politics from Keele University in England. She has previously researched language rights of national minorities and conflict resolution at the Åland Islands Peace Institute and been responsible for the mediation office. Heidi speaks Swedish and English.

Ida webben  

Ida Persson, Head of the Åland Mediatons Office
Phone +358 (0)18 21960
Mobile + 358 (0)457 343 3513
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ida Persson is the Head of the Åland Mediations Office. In this position she is responsible for the Mediation services, a statutory complimentary service that is offered to parties in criminal cases and certain civil disputes. Read more (in Swedish) on www.medlingsbyran.ax . Ida has a Bachelors degree in Public Health from Högskolan in Gävle and has mostly worked in health- and social care. Ida speaks Swedish and English.




John Knight, Library and Archive
Phone +358 18 15570


Bror Myllykoski, Real estate administration
Tel +358 18 23238

Bror Myllykoski works part time with issues of the real estate where the Åland Islands Peace Institute is located. He is a board member in the real estate concern Fredsfast AB.






Per-Erik Söderlund, Office Assistant
(in cooperation with Ålands omsorgsförbund)

Phone +358 457 379 8894





  Ulla Lindblad, Assistant
(in cooperation with Ålands omsorgsförbund)