Ålands fredsinstitut
The Åland Islands Peace Institute

Hamngatan 4
AX-22100 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
Tel. +358 18 15570
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the Åland Example


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The Åland Islands Peace Institute (ÅIPI) is an institute for research and information on peace and conflict issues in a broadly defined sense, but with a particular emphasis on autonomy, minority issues, demilitarisation, and conflict management. The Åland Island's special status under international law is a natural point of reference in this respect. The Institute also provides education, seminars, and special studies for national and international agencies. Conferences and seminars are regularly organised on the Åland Islands by the Institute.

The Åland Islands Peace Institute is an independent charitable foundation, established in 1992 and based in Mariehamn, Åland, Finland. The institute takes part in several national and international networks of organisations working on issues related to its core areas. Also, the Institute has consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC.

The Åland Islands Peace Institute ...

•    conducts research into autonomy, minorities and security, often in collaboration with international networks of scholars.
•    disseminates research results through publications, seminars and conferences.
•    presents what is called the ”Åland Example” and discusses its character and content with a large number of international visitors every year.
•    offers web-based education on territorial autonomy and the Åland Example.
•    arranges regular high-level meetings, for instance the Kastelholm Talks on Peace, held with the former Finnish President Tarja Halonen as a patron, and with leading researchers, diplomats and international experts on the panel.
•    promotes and participates in local and international networks in order to further democratisation, gender equality and non-violence.
•    offers mediation services through the local mediation office in accordance with Finnish legislation, in certain types of crimes and disputes.


The Åland Peace Institute shall:
- form a basis for knowledge about the Åland example and peace related questions
- affect the societal development through spreading of aforementioned knowledge through publications, reports, seminars and lectures
- work as a meeting point for both local and international actors for exchanges of experiences and knowledge